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Question: I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents – what makeup should I wear?

Answer: There is no wrong or right answer to this.  It’s all personal preference, but in my opinion, I would suggest a natural, everyday look.  Lauren Conrad said in her book,“Everyday makeup should even out your skin tone, conceal any unsightliness, and subtly enhance your features.”  That being said, when you are meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time, you want to look presentable and clean — so avoid sporting five different shades of eyeshadows on your eyelids — or even worse, a blush overload.  More specifically, you can follow these steps for a simple “meeting-the-parents” makeup look:

1) Shake your hair out.  You can either wear it down or in a cute braid.

2) Apply SPF to the face (this is an important step!)

3) Apply a very small amount of foundation

4) Apply concealer where needed (on blemishes and under-eye areas)

5) Curl eyelashes

6) Apply minimal mascara

7) Fill in eyebrows (not too much! Think: natural)

8) Contour and highlight the face

Highlight: under the eyes (right above the cheekbones) to about where your ears are, about half way down the middle of your forehead in a triangle shape going towards the bridge of your nose, down the bridge of your nose, cupids bow, right underneath your bottom lip where the dip is connecting your chin, and underneath your eyebrows following the brow bone

Contour: along each sides of your hairline stopping to where your temples are, starting from your earlobes where your cheeks are hallowed out (suck in your cheeks if you have a hard time finding exactly where this is), to about the middle of that area (use your index finger as a measurement tool), the sides of your nose connecting up to your eyelids (that’s only if you’re not wearing eyeshadow) following the natural shape of the eye socket, and along your jawline

9) Apply a subtle blush such as a coral or a rose gold color

10) Dust a bit of bronzer along the face if you want some more of a natural looking glow (a good option for summer!)

11) Apply a nude, peach, light rose lipstick or an uncolored lip gloss

With these makeup tips, you will feel confident as ever when meeting his parents! Good luck!