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Question: I wear men’s running tights to the gym – can I also wear them casually?

Answer: I was excited to see this question, because I’m one of those girls who thinks (well, nearly) any piece of men’s clothing can actually be gender neutral when styled correctly and strategically. So, why not have some fun with this fashion challenge? Besides, if leggings and tights had a baby, it’d be men’s running tights. And since you find them ultra-comfortable, you may be pleased to find that nobody will even notice the particular type of tights you are sporting. When it comes to tights, there are endless ways to style them fashionably! So don’t hesitate to take your boyfriend’s running tights when you’re running low on leggings, because I’m going to show you some fabulous ways to style them. As a general rule of thumb, make sure you’re wearing a skirt (it can even be a mini-skirt) and a slouchy shirt. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear tights, and yes—these will definitely work with men’s running tights:

Slouchy t-shirt

If there’s a day when I’m feeling lazy but also want to be fashionable, my go-to is always the slouchy shirt. In the winter, it’s a slouchy sweater; in the summertime, it’s a slouchy t-shirt. Either way, you can bet that your tights will look amazing when graced by the presence of a slouchy shirt.

Black skirt

Depending on the brand of men’s running tights you snagged (confesison: I’ve definitely taken a pair from my husband before), sometimes a skirt is necessary. If your shirt is long and slouchy enough, however, you don’t need to worry about the skirt. As for length, I always keep it fairly short and simple when working with tights.

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  • Rosario

    I most confess I much perfer wearing my boy friend’s runnings tights rather then my leggings. He has a pair of Under Armour Heatgear Authentic Tights that are so comfortable I never want to take them off. The material is very thin and they fit snug but are not see through at all. I have been wearing them out in public on short trips to the convinence store and post office. Trying to get a feel for whether I could pull it off wearing men’s tights out with my friends to a bar or restaurant. This article gives me more confidence knowing someone else has wore their man’s tights. Thanks.

    • sakiski

      Funny, I prefer to wear leggings made for women. They seem stretchier and tighter and higher quality. I have never wore leggings for men.

  • iheartfreepeople

    Yes, on laundry days I have been known to steal my bf’s running tights! LOL

    • Rosario

      On laundry days I have no clean leggings but not my fault as I only own a dozen or more. Great excuse to borrow the bf’s tights. LOL
      Does he ever get angry when you steal his tights without asking?

  • hkey

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