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How can I get more coverage out of mineral foundation?

Answer: If you hate the feeling of makeup, or prefer a more natural look—mineral foundation may be the answer. For the longest time, I wrote it off as something that could not provide the coverage I wanted. That is, until I discovered a trick that provides amazing coverage and leaves skin feeling naked. I’ve really fallen in love with it, and it’s perfect in the summer heat.

I’ve been using bareMinerals for years now and love it; they offer a great color range and the product lasts forever. Another wonderful product is the Tarte Amazonian Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation. Might be a mouthful, but it’s a beautiful product. The list goes on, though—there are tons of mineral foundations out there!

The trick to getting more coverage out of mineral foundation? The kabuki brush! Use a thickly packed kabuki brush for the best application. Dip the brush in the powder, swirl it around, and then tap off the excess. Apply to the face in small circular motions, applying more where you’d like extra coverage. The result = flawless, natural looking skin. Tarte has a kabuki brush to go along with the foundation that is brilliant, but any densely packed brush will do.

The densely packed brushes work much better than big powder brushes, since they apply more product to the skin in smaller amounts, as opposed to a big powder brush which covers the whole face with a very light application. Don’t let the words more product scare you, because mineral foundations are light by nature. We want our skin to look like skin, and this is the best way to achieve that no-makeup-esque finish.

For best application, use a nice moisturizer to prep the skin. Conceal under eye circles or redness with a creamy concealer, and then apply foundation on top. Since the foundation is powder, you’ll want to stick with powder blush or bronzer on top. If you’ve been thinking about getting into mineral foundation, try this tip out—you’ll be a convert!

Have you tried mineral foundation? What did you think?

  • susan_89

    Interesting! I’ve always been turned off by mineral foundation, due to the poor coverage, but have never tried a kabuki brush or even used moisturizer beforehand. I’m going to try this out.