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Question: What minimalist clothing should I add to my wardrobe?

Answer: It’s an age-old adage: less is more! But how can you translate that to your closet? The concept of minimalism can sound intimidating, but it’s really all about getting back to the basics. Minimalist fashion translates to subtle style with tried-and-true patterns mixed with crisp solid colors. No tribal prints here! Minimalist pieces are always classic, which means you can justify spending a little extra on them. After all, clothes are the best kind of investment!

Boyfriend Styles

My favorite minimalist look is borrowed from the boys. If you haven’t done so already, pick up a pair of boyfriend jeans. A white tee, some black ballet flats, and a pair of blue boyfriends is an easy-going and perfectly stylish weekend look. The outfit doesn’t stop at the jeans! A boyfriend-fit shirt is loose, but tailored enough to be feminine. It’s chic style, with the added bonus of comfort! The best part about this shirt is that it goes with everything. Wear it with your fave pair of skinny jeans for an everyday look, or wear it tucked in with a pencil skirt for that big job interview.

Pencil Skirts

Ah yes, pencil skirtsthe classic minimalist staple. Contrary to popular belief, pencil skirts aren’t just for the office. Though a classic black number is definitely work-appropriate, it can easily cross over into flirty territory. Pair it with another old standby, the white tee, for a night on the town. And of course, don’t forget your black pumps!

Clean Patterns

As I’ve mentioned before, minimalism doesn’t mean the absence of patterns. It just favors patterns that are clean and simple. Think pinstripes and polka dots! Take the black-and-white striped tee, for example. Embrace your inner Parisian and wear it with a pair of fitted khaki pants. Accessorize the look with a black beret or a straw fedora if you’re feeling particularly daring!

A minimalist wardrobe is meant to be mixed and matched! Get creative and experiment. You’ll have a truly versatile wardrobe with these pieces!