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Question: How do I create a monochromatic makeup look?


Creating a monochromatic makeup look is easier than you think. And no, it doesn’t involve your whole makeup bag or migraines brought on by tirelessly walking through drugstores trying to find makeup supplies.

What are monochromatic colors exactly? Monochromatic colors are all the colors of a single hue. To achieve the monochromatic look, you must use makeup with the shades, tints, and tones of a single color. Take the color teal, for example. The teal palette ranges from a dark teal to a light teal. Play with the hues within this range to master the monochromatic makeup technique.

This look is actually very smooth, soft, and pleasing to the eye without being plain. It’s a simple way to minimize your makeup prep time and still achieve a cool look for work, school, or just a casual day. In my years of trying and failing with different makeup styles, the monochromatic look is my go-to for any occasion.


Here are some key items you’ll need to achieve the look:

  • Foundation
  • Palette Eye Shadow Set (beige or tan color family)
  • Concealer
  • A Clear Lip Gloss
  • Liquid Eyeliner
  • Makeup Brushes (we’re only using the concealer, foundation, eye shadow and lip brush, but use what you please)


The technique

The key areas to focus on with monochromatic makeup are your lips, cheekbones and eyelids. Before you apply blush to your face, pick a color family. Pick one that flatters your skin tone and your features. Go the natural route with beige and tan shades, or experiment with bright colors like rose and violet. Leave daring colors like black or green for special events like costume parties. Here are the steps to master a natural monochromatic look:

  1. BASE/FOUNDATION: Start with the foundation and concealer. Make sure to conceal your blemishes or any other marks you may have. Use your foundation like you would use it any other day.
  2. EYES: Use a color that will compliment your eye color. There are many eyeshadow sets that already feature a monochromatic color palette. Choose a product like this to relieve any stress about finding coordinating hues. Starting from the ducts of the eyes, apply the shadow outwards. Your features can get lost with a strong look like this. Remember to play up your best features.
  3. Dramatize the eyes. Use a thin brush liquid eyeliner to define your eyes. Simply line your eyes or go for the edgier cat-eye look. Don’t go too heavy with the eyeliner and remember that going for a natural look means looking natural.
  4. CHEEKBONES: Grab a blush or a big foundation brush and choose a color that highlights your cheeks. This could be the same shade you just used on your eyes. Apply the eyeshadow on your cheeks and highlight your cheekbones.
  5. LIPS: Wet a lip brush, dab it into your eyeshadow, and apply the color to your lips. Then, dab some lip gloss onto your lips. Clean up any lingering eyeshadow around the lip area. Or, you can simply use a nude lipstick to finish off this look.

Follow these steps and you’re good to go!

Other Colors

You can use the same makeup style with other colors. Some of the most popular options are coral, rose, red and violet. Remember to use makeup in the same color family to truly achieve the monochromatic look! It’s a simple technique that’s easy to pull off.

What’s your monochromatic look?