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Jeans are a staple for any wardrobe. When people think of jeans, they often think of the conventional blue jean. Or, perhaps they think of the distressed acid wash jean. Some may even stray away from colored jeans because they may find them difficult to match. The three must have colored jeans are maroon, olive, and white! These jeans are more versatile and chic than one may think. They’re a simple way to add a pop of color to any outfit.


Maroon is a great option, because maroon can be paired with fall outfits and spring outfits. A bold red is a great color as well, but maroon is more versatile and toned down.

Pair maroon jeans with a denim chambray shirt, or a leather jacket with a white tank top. If a leather jacket is too casual for you, add a formal twist with a black blazer, and a white ruffled shirt.


Bright green jeans are extremely difficult to pair pieces with, but olive jeans are a whole different story. Opt for a white tank top with a gold chain necklace, or a striped navy tee. Another possible outfit would be a leather jacket, a black plaid tee and a pair of brown riding boots.


White is my favorite color in the world. White jeans are so fresh, and crisp—they will add sleekness to any outfit. White is also one of the easiest colors to match with! Think: yellow cardigan, bright graphic tank tops, or a coral chiffon blouse.

These jeans are a necessity to anyone’s wardrobe! The best part about them is their versatility; they can be matched with simple pieces, yet still manage to look chic. Effortlessly flawless, gurl!