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Question: Is there a way to make your nails grow faster?

Answer: The time it takes to grow out your nails can feel like an eternity. Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to make them magically grow longer overnight. It takes time and patience, but fear not! There are some natural ways to help speed up the process.

These six tips will help you grow your nails faster so that you never have to envy women with long fingernails again.

1. Take Biotin

Biotin makes your hair and nails grow fast and thick. Added bonus? It’s good for your skin too. Just take the recommended daily dosage and you’ll be on your way to longer nails.

2. Visit A Nail Salon

I know, I know. Why would you want to cut your nails when you’re trying to make them grow? But, a manicure every two weeks can actually help with the growth process. Remember, you want your nails to grow the same shape so they look good. Plus, filing and buffing them consistently helps prevent long-term breakage.

3. Give Yourself a Hand Massage

It might sound strange but a daily hand massage helps increase your circulation. Use castor oil or my personal favorite, coconut oil, and give your hands a five-minute massage. The moisture also helps prevent breakage, which is key when you want to grow your nails long.

4. Check Your Diet

Are you eating enough protein? Nails are made of structural proteins, so eating more protein is said to help them grow. Make sure to add lean meats, salmon, beans, eggs, and nuts into your diet.

5. Use A Natural Nail Polish and Remover

Some nail polish removers contain acetone, which can dry out your nails. Look for one that doesn’t have any, or use remover sparingly. Remember the same tip when purchasing nail polish because some brands contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. Essie’s nail polish is a great option. Not only is it healthy for your nails, but they also have plenty of colors to choose from to help you stay on trend. Painting your nails will ensure that they look good as you’re growing them out. Show them off at any length!

6. Don’t Forget The Top Coat

When you’re finished painting your nails, make sure to add a layer of strengthening polish or a topcoat. I swear by Sally Hansen’s Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat. It really works wonders.

Remember, this process takes time, so don’t feel discouraged. Just try to take care of the nails you have now so they’ll be strong and healthy once they reach your desired length.