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Question: My hair is naturally blonde; should I dye it?

Answer: Personally, I think natural blonde hair color is beautiful. I have naturally light brown hair myself, and have to say that I am incredibly envious of you! While many women choose to dye their hair in the USA, it is very common for ladies to rock their natural hair colors in other countries. If your hair is already a gorgeous shade, why put your hair through stress? Here are a few reasons why you should embrace your natural hair color:

1. It’s healthier

Trust me when I say that your hair will thank you for not subjecting it to the dyeing process. Coloring your hair—especially lightening it—will cause a lot of damage. And we ladies love to use all kinds of product (along with styling tools) that already damage our hair. Give yourself a break!

2. Dyeing hair is a crazy time commitment

Coloring your hair is a commitment. Do you really want to get serious? Come on. Most of us have school, internships, jobs, friends, and hobbies to to worry about. Who has the time to schedule regular highlighting appointments? I lightened up my hair and am attempting to break out of the cycle by letting my natural color grow out. But the in-between stages (aka: crazy roots) are not pretty.

3. Coloring is addictive

Dyeing hair can turn into a vicious cycle of trying color after color. You might be tempted to change your hair color every month, which is both confusing to others and also incredibly horrid on your hair. Ever dye your hair a dramatically different color, only to realize that certain people don’t recognize you? Yep—been there, done that.

4. Natural equals irresistible

Another reason to rock your natural blonde hair color? You’ll look confident and effortlessly beautiful. It’s almost reminiscent to going out sans makeup. And you know what else? You’ll get constant compliments about how amazing your hair looks.

  • jessica

    I say rock it! I’m personally done with hair dye as well. Which isn’t super common for a girl in her 20’s. But in my opinion it is very worthwhile to keep hair its natural color.