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Question: What should I wear to a Nordstrom job interview?

Answer: Congratulations on your upcoming interview! This is an exciting time. Since your interview is at Nordstrom, I’m assuming you’re a fashion lover. It can sometimes be tricky to show off your personal style while maintaining a sense of professionalism, but I do have a few tips that will help you leave a stylish impression.

When you’re picking out your outfit, keep this in mind: classic is — well — classic. A pencil skirt or a fitted trouser can be boring on its own, but it’s the classic silhouettes that wow. Try keeping your outfit simple. Pick a muted color scheme and run with it. A pencil skirt paired with a cute cardigan or blazer is always a crowd pleaser. But this is a job in the fashion world so we can’t stop there. To express your own personal style add eye popping accessories to spice things up. Pick statement pieces that don’t distract but enhance your outfit. Pair it with a heel to get across that powerful woman vibe.


Don’t be afraid to be bold. If you’re not one for muted colors, vouch for bright hues. The trick to this is balance. If you want to wear a hot pink blazer, you’ll want to tone down the rest of your outfit wearing neutral colors like black and white. Keep the accessories minimal if you choose to wear a statement piece. You can also be bold by wearing a trendy pattern, but remember that balance is key in this ensemble.

You want them to remember you — not just your outfit. Don’t let your outfit outshine you. Choose a look that reflects your personality, and wear what makes you feel confident! When you love what you’re wearing, it shows. So be you — and good luck!