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Normcore: it’s been buzzing around since Spring-Summer collections and is gaining popularity so fast. The whole concept is based on following your own style, and, of course – wearing chino pants or jeans  with sneakers  in a very normal (but fashionable) way. Ironically, it is called the “anti-fashion” attire, but it can actually be quite fashionable. The rules (if  any) for normcore dressing code  are:

1. The normal normcore

I will say that the master of normcore was not born in the last S/S fashion week; it was born in the street of NY, inspired by urban residents. So, you can finally feel comfortable and totally guilt-free in white sneakers, chino pants and a plain T-shirt.

2. Casual normcore

Essential items for a casual normcore outfit include a pair of vintage jeans, a logo or plain T-shirt. This must be paired with an statement element such a sleek clutch or blazer.

3. The Hard-Core

The hard-core cluster individuals want to pull out statements pieces and mix and match them in a very personal and unexpected way. A lot of fashion sense is required here.