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Question: How can I make my nose look smaller with makeup?

Answer: If you are unhappy with the way that your nose appears to you, it’s very easy to avoid plastic surgery and create illusions of a perfect nose with some simple highlighting and contouring. Contour your nose just as you would your cheekbones, forehead or jawline.

Some people may get intimidated or think that it’s tricky to contour the nose. It’s such a noticeable area and really does need to be blended out just right to look natural—but the process itself is actually quite simple!

One of the most important things to remember while contouring and highlighting is that you want to accentuate the high points of your face, or anything that “sticks up”. Anything that sort of sinks in—or is a hollow of your face—is where you will want to contour.

We are focusing on the nose here, so the first step in contouring this area is to highlight the bridge of your nose. I really love to take a brightening concealer pen such as the Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer ($6.44, amazon).

Now it’s time to shape and slim the nose. Take your bronzer of choice, or any matte brown shadow (that is two shades darker than your skintone) on a fluffy angled brush.

You’ll want to work with a very small amount of product to start, and you can build up as you go. Slowly (and lightly) drag the product along the side of your nose, creating a small line all the way up to your eyebrow. Run some of this product along the natural curve of the front of your nose. Then finish off the other side of your nose, making the lines as similar as possible.

After the lines are drawn out, go in with a clean blending brush and blend out those harsh lines with a soft hand—you don’t want to wipe away all your hard work.

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this great video tutorial by Carli Bybel, an amazing Youtube beauty guru.

And there you have it: a simple way to make your nose look smaller with makeup!

What are your favorite highlighting and contouring products/tricks?