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Nude lipsticks can be tricky for any skin-tone, but it is also a shade I think any woman can pull off with the right complimentary makeup. If you are not a regular lipstick wearer bright reds and pinks might scare you off from the painted lipa good nude might be an easier place to start.

Some nude lipsticks are opaque while others are more sheer. Depending on what you are looking for, purchase accordingly. A nude lip looks lovely with a dark smoky eye, it’s a low level contrast if you don’t want to look too done up.

I often wear the Kardashian’s nude lip set when I’m going out for the evening. We all know Kim Kardashian always wears the best nude lip so I wasn’t surprised to find out that her product worked best for me. The set comes with a lip liner and and stick, as well as a gloss allowing for a matte or shiny look depending on what you are going for.

Nude tends to look better on tanned skin. If you are a regular sunscreen wearer with paler skin like me, consider applying some bronzer when you wear this trend. Nude lips on pale skin tones tend to flow together and look flat. I like to contour my face and wear a smoky eye when I rock nude lips.

As with any lipstick, before you apply make sure you exfoliate your lips. Otherwise the lipstick will stick to any dead skin on your lips and no one wants that crusty lip look. You can use a homemade sugar scrub, or rub your lips with a disposable eye lash brush and some Vaseline to get them smooth.

If you are wearing a nude shade on your lips to dinner or drinks, be sure to bring it with you for re-application. You don’t want to be that girl with palomino lips from the color fading off and sticking to your glass.

Whether you are attending a barbecue, baby shower, wedding, or a night of dancing the nude lip goes perfectly. I think it’s even kosher for the office. I wouldn’t show up to work with a bright red lipstick, but I would with a pale shade of nude and a light gloss.