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Question:  What are some good office-appropriate accessories that I can wear to work?

Answer:  Since the term “office-appropriate” can vary from office to office, here are my top accessory picks — and they’re appropriate for any type of office!


You really can’t go wrong with pearls!  When wearing pearl necklaces, I prefer a single strand — classic and not too dressy.  Additional strands add a formal touch to the look.

DAILYLOOK, $29.95, $89.99

Windsor, $1.45


I love stud earrings because they’re pretty understated.  You can get away with wearing some funky things on your ears if you wear them as studs, and it’s a great way to add some color to an outfit!

Sole Society, $19.99

 Gilt, $19

Bloomingdales, $35

Bloomingdales, $32


Necklace ideas

My advice on necklaces is (again) keep it simple.  You don’t want anything that’s going to sink down into your cleavage or that’s so long you could possibly get it tangled up while fixing the copier.

Shimmer & Stone, $195

Nordstrom, $58

Nordstrom, $70


Things to avoid

Anything that makes a lot of noise, including bangles and clangy necklaces; it will drive you crazy by the end of the day.  I used to love wearing a big stack of bangles to work, but after having to take them off every time I typed because of the noise, I quickly realized it wasn’t worth it.

Anything that you would expect to be worn by a little girl.

Anything formal enough to wear to prom.

Have fun putting your accessories together with your work outfits!