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Is orange the new red?

Today I opened a fortune cookie and it asked, “What if the Robert Palmer girls wore orange lipstick instead of red? Then what?” And I was like dude, this fortune cookie is so right.

But seriously, I love seeing any lipstick in action. The potential of new color on the lips…a simple joy.

But there’s one lip color that’s now being coined as the new classic look, gaining ground on iconic red.

Entering the ring at also .13 ounces: a tube of orange lipstick.

Orange strutted down the Spring/Summer ’14 runways on multiple occasions, recently cementing itself as an alternative lip to pair with a romantic, classic, dramatic wardrobe (as seen in Zac Posen’s Fall/Winter ’14 collection).


(Loved you in “The Face”, Coco. You rocked that purple lipstick.)

Perhaps once viewed as a risky choice in color, this lipstick shade, whether matte, glossy, neon, or burnt, provides transitional orangeish colors to try out. I’ve had great success with London-based Illamasqua’s matte lipstick in “Brink”. It’s closer to a rich neon on fair skin tones, and peachier on darker skin tones. There’s also the lip stain, “Raven”, from Hourglass. Sold as an “orange red”, this particular application brings a bold, off-red look. My most liked picture on Facebook is of me standing in front of a mirror at Urban Outfitters as I hold a three ring notebook saying “Get Your Shit Together” while, of course, wearing orange lipstick.

But this discussion isn’t about which photo my friends absolutely adore and couldn’t live without. It’s about whether orange lipstick is the new go-to bold classic look for you, as it’s hitting the fashion runways. I hope you’re curious to try it out. Or maybe try it again.


Which orange lip color do you adore? And if you’ve tried Illamasqua’s matte lip colors, especially in brink, do share. Also, who’s your favorite Orange Is The New Black Character? Mine is Jason Biggs’ character.

And now for some Photoshop. And fortune cookie fun.