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What Paris Fashion Week trends can I easily replicate?

Answer: Paris Fashion Week always has an uber luxurious tone. Rich fabrics and furs are a constant on the runways, not to mention some of the most renowned fashion labels showcase their collections during that week. Luckily for us, fashion trends are cyclical and almost always repeat at some point. Even luckier for us, this past Autumn/Winter 2014 PFW was chock-full of trends that you’re likely already familiar with!

1960’s mod

Saint Laurent was founded in the early 1960’s, and since then their collections have paid homage to that era. Collars and cuffs are standout features of mod attire, along with square kitten-heels. Miniskirts also reached their peak of popularity in the 60’s, so find yourself a micro-mini dress or skirt and you’re set!

Olive green

Green is one Autumn trend that you can bank on. We generally see the hue leaning more towards the military end of the spectrum, but Balmain has its sights set on olive. The great thing about a specific color being on trend is that you can take it in many directions and tailor it to your comfort level. Don’t feel confident in a solid olive green jacket? There’s a purse or nail polish out there that will pack just enough punch for you.

Combat boots and fur

Combat boots have been put to the ultimate test the past few seasons, both in popular television series (imagine the miles The Walking Dead boots have endured!) and in fashion. Combat boots have given an edge to dresses, upped the rock and roll ante of leather jackets, and added grunge to leggings. Alexander McQueen added fur to that already impressive list. McQueen’s boot/fur combo bridged the gap between grunge and luxury. You can also wear them separately! Fur is always on trend in the Autumn/Winter seasons.


Hats can be intimidating for several reasons. Perhaps you don’t think the shape of your face is well suited for hats. Or maybe your haircut is holding you back. The daunting task of trying on hat after hat after hat is enough to turn anyone off. Alexis Mabille showcased a wider, more feminine take on the Indiana Jones hat. Such a hat may not appeal to you at first glance, but several popular retailers make floppier versions of this same hat!

These are just a few of the many trends from the latest Paris runways. If you missed out on something last season, chances are it will be back soon!

Photo credit: Imax tree