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Question: What are some fabulous party outfit ideas?

Answer: So you’re going to a party! Whether it’s a festivity Emily Post would be proud of, or an all-out Sixteen Candles-esque bash, it can be tough deciding what to wear. Heck, I can hardly decide what to eat for breakfast most mornings (granola today—it was a tough call, but somehow I made it).

So, to make life easier (so you can jump straight to the part of the night where you start having fun), we decided to help with the outfit ideas. From a get-together with friends to your grandmother’s birthday party, these style tips will ensure that you’re the best dressed in the room!

For a casual party…

For a casual party like a barbecue or a big get-together with friends, it’s important to look cute and relaxed at the same time. Your friends will most likely be there, so if you show up to the pizza and movies night wearing a cocktail dress, you will hear about it for the rest of eternity. By wearing classic pieces with whimsical touches, you can look perfectly cool and insanely adorable (just in case your best friend brings her hot single friend, right?).

A striped top paired with chambray shorts make for a cool and comfy outfit, while the bow sported on the shorts adds a girly touch. Marc Jacobs has a lot of fun, quirky pieces in his collections—and these shorts are no exception. A pair of pattered Keds will help you keep comfy during those ill-advised (read: awesome) late night adventures. A statement necklace adds that touch of trendiness you’ll be thankful for in the morning when you’re tagged in about fifty new Facebook pictures. And a simple swipe of mascara and coral-colored blush will keep you looking fresh all night long.

For an evening out…

You know that Little Black Dress you have in your closet? The one that’s been collecting dust? Yeah, this is it.

When you’re invited to an event that requires you to look just a little bit dressed up (hitting the bars with friends, a house party populated by freakishly attractive men, etc), your go-to should be your LBD. This dress is the ideal foundation to a great look—you have free reign to style it however you want. For a night out, go with bright pops of color and fun prints. If you go big with your shoes and/or clutch, keep your jewelry on the subtle side—clean, geometric lines are perfect.

For an upscale event…

For a fancier, more upscale event like a professional brunch or a reception for a wedding, a dress with clean and conservative lines is key. A-line skirts are pretty much universally flattering, while boatneck styles are reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn (the queen of class). Keep your jewelry simple and delicate and your makeup fresh and polished. A pop of matte pink lipstick and to-die-for lashes will work just fine. And, when choosing your shoes, really make sure you can walk and stand in them comfortably, because you will almost certainly have to pose for pictures.

So what are you waiting for? You have a party to get to! (But next time, remember to invite me.)

What is your go-to party look? 

  • jessica

    Gotta love a Sixteen Candles reference in a fashion article :D Well done. A LBD is a definite must for parties.