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Question: How do you master pink eye shadow without looking sick?

Balance and blend!

As soon as Urban Decay launched the Naked 3 Palette, we all knew pink eye shadow was an official thing (and not just on Wednesdays, à la Mean Girls). Then, our friends at Urban Decay took things a step further when they launched the Electric Palette, and whoa — suddenly electric hot pink was in the mix, leaving some of us kind of in a lurch.

When it comes to everyday makeup looks, pink eye shadow definitely does not come as easily as neutral basics. But when you start to look at pink as an accent color, not the main show — things get a little bit easier. The trick to pink eye shadow is to pair it with neutrals to complete a balanced eye look that’s not too in-your-face. Alternatively, use pink as a bold pop of color on your lower lash line for a really cool night-out effect.

Are you a novice when it comes to pink? Start on the neutral side of things with rose golds like the shadows in the Naked 3 Palette. You can easily inject some pink into your eye look without going full-out. Once you get your footing with the neutrals, you’ll start to feel more comfortable adding bolder pinks into your look. Just remember: the rule of thumb when wearing bold shadow is to always have a neutral in place as a guide. Sure, you could go full-on Barbie pink; or, you could use Barbie pink with nude in your inner crease — and blend!

Blend, blend blend! The secret behind any good eye shadow look is blending. With a great blending brush, you can truly get away with anything. Yes, even hot pink eye shadow. If ever you’re in doubt, blend a nude shade into the bold shadow and you’ll come out ahead. I promise!

What are your thoughts on pink eye shadow?