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Question: How can I create a pinup makeup look using matte products?

Answer: Pinup makeup is one of my favorite looks to create for a couple of reasons. First, it’s an extremely classic look, so it can work on any skin tone and it can be toned up or down depending on how dramatic you wear your makeup. Second, it’s extremely simple to create (you only need a few eyeshadows for this look). And last but certainly not least, it incorporates a red lip (my favorite!).

If you’re looking for a specific palette to use to create this look, I would recommend the Lorac Cosmetics Pro Palette. This palette comes with 8 matte eyeshadows and 8 shimmery eyeshadows. The matte eyeshadows in this palette are perfect for creating that gorgeous pin up look! Of course, this palette might be on the pricier side, so I’ll show you the exact shadows I would use in case you want to find a cheaper alternative or rummage through your existing collection to find dupes :)

The first step in creating this look is to apply the eyeshadow. To open up the eyes more and add a little more light, I would use Cream all over the lid. This is a completely matte shade from the Lorac Pro Palette.

Next up is the crease! Depending on your skin tone and how dramatic you want this look to be, I would choose between Taupe, Mauve, and Sable.

To lift your eyes a little, apply White right on your brow bone!

That’s it for the eyeshadow! How easy was that? Now we get into the “pin up” part of this look: the winged eyeliner!

In order to create a flawless winged eyeliner, you need to find a really creamy, pigmented gel eyeliner that is easy to work with. My personal favorite is the NYX Gel Liner & Smudger in Betty. This eyeliner is an intense black that apply effortlessly along the lash line. I like to use it with the Sigma E05 (Eyeliner) brush and the Sigma E65 (Small Angle) brush. The reason why I use two brushes is because it makes the whole process much easier, believe me! I use the E05 to line along my lash line because it fits comfortably along the curve of my eye. Once I get to the wing, I switch over to the E65 because it can easily create a straight line just by stamping it on the skin. If you need a visual on how to create the perfect winged liner, check out this pictorial!

The perfect way to finish this look off is with a matte red lipstick! My personal favorite is Perfect Red from NYX Cosmetics. The Matte Lipsticks from NYX are extremely pigmented and last all day. You won’t have to reapply this lipstick even if you drink and eat with it. This is also a blue-toned red, which makes your teeth look whiter (that’s a plus)!

So, that’s how I would create a matte pinup makeup look! I hope this answer helped you and I hope you try this look out! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask and I’ll make sure to write back as soon as I can!