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What’s the best way to prep skin for makeup?

Answer: Before you put your makeup on, you’ll need to prep your skin. In doing so, your makeup will last longer—and the process of applying and blending will be so much easier.

To prep your skin, the first step is to clean the surface by removing all dead skin cells. Look for a soft exfoliating cleanser and wash your face, starting from the neck, in small ascendant circular motions. Make sure to use a clean towel to dry it, as you don’t want to contaminate your skin and ruin your work by using a dirty cloth. Don’t forget to be gentle!

You may have heard that toner isn’t actually necessary, but I think it is totally worth it. Your pores will love it, and it restores the pH levels of the skin that’s so often disturbed after being washed. Looking for a natural option? Rose water is great for both dry and oily skin and keeps the pH of the skin balanced.

Before applying your moisturizer, use a serum to hydrate and brighten your face. Depending on your skin type, serums are said to help decrease the appearance of wrinkles and hide acne.

Once your toner or serum is absorbed, the next step is to apply moisturizer. This should be in a light formula and contains a minimum of SPF 15 or 20. Your skin shouldn’t feel greasy after this, and if it does, chances are you’ve used too much. So how much do you need? A pea-sized amount will do just fine.

If you aren’t using primer yet, here are some reasons to purchase one: primer provides smoothness, minimizes fine lines and helps hide dark spots and other imperfections. Plus, it forms a protective film on the skin that prevents moisturizer and the skin’s oils from mixing with the makeup.

You already know eye primer is key to any eye makeup routine, but applying eye cream before is also an important step. When applying concealer, you won’t be rubbing such a delicate skin area. Plus, eye shadows tend to blend easier. Don’t forget to apply it on your orbital bone area and always use your middle finger so you aren’t using too much pressure.

What are your favorite pre-makeup tips?