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Question: Does primer actually work?

Answer: Yes, makeup primer helps keep your makeup in place all day long.

When you think of a primer, you probably immediately think of the cream that you put on your face or your eyelids to prepare for your foundation, shadows, and other products. Sure, this is the basic function of a primer, but they are actually much more necessary than just a preparation tool for the rest of your make-up— they can transform your entire look if you’re sure to pick a primer that helps correct the actual slight blemishes that may exist. The beauty of primers is that they fill in those imperfections before you try to cover them up, making the whole task that much easier and successful.

Say you have a more oily face and foundation just doesn’t seem to stay put as long as you’d like— then you definitely want to go for a primer that creates more of a matte look. Primers that do this help control shine, especially in that tricky T-zone area! Really, this is going to be your best friend, even if you have only slightly oily skin.

There are also primers that are geared to minimize your pores before you apply the rest of your makeup. Ever notice that you still can see your pores, even under the makeup? These primers both actively help reduce them while giving a slight layer of concealment before you actually apply your designated cover-up. For those who do have bigger or open pores, this may be something you’ll want to always use.

Smoothing primers actually have silicone in them, which fills in the lines, wrinkles, marks, and other blemishes that may afflict your skin, creating silky smooth touch. It also allows for very easy application of foundations and powders. If you do have sensitive skin, however, you may want to double check before using primers with silicone in them.

When using primers on your eyelids, one type of primer you may want to seriously consider are those that correct color. Many women have darker skin under their eyes, and primers geared towards color correction make a world of difference. Of course, color correction primers can be used for the rest of your face; red spots, blotches, and other such blemishes can easily be corrected with these.

Primers can also be used on your eyes as a way to prep eyeliner. Say you have a colored eye shadow you’d actually like to use as a liner; take the primer and line your eye with it, then apply the eye shadow. The primer will soak up the pigment and keep the shadow in place and appear as eyeliner! Of course, this also is applicable when you’re applying eye shadow to your entire eyelid.

No matter what your skin type is, what blemishes you may have, or what kind of make up you’re wanting to apply, using a primer is going to transform the way you do make-up. Your face is going to feel better, it will look better, and your make-up is going to last exponentially longer. Say goodbye to constant touch ups and hello to a fresh and beautiful face all day long.

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Urban Decay Primer Potion ($12, Sephora)