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Question: Do primers really make a difference?


Primers may seem like they don’t do much because you may not see an instant difference, but they can make or break your look. There are two types of primers: face and eye.

All primers create a barrier between your skin and the makeup. With face primers this is great because it allows you to use less foundation because the makeup is not seeping into your pores. This also means that if you have acne prone skin that the primer with help keep the foundation from clogging your pores and creating new breakouts. The primer also allows your makeup to last longer because the oils in your skin are not melting or washing (aka sweat. Ewwww!) it away.

Like face primers, eye primers help your eye shadow last longer. As we go throughout our day we sweat, including our eyelids (again eww!). This can cause the eye shadow to fade or create that dreaded crease! Eye primers create a barrier that does not allow the greasy/sweaty eyelids to interfere with your eye shadow.

Eye primer is a must-have for the sheer fact that it allows your eye shadow to show up as the color that you see in the pan. Have you ever applied what looked like a vivid color in the pan to have it look dull and muted on your eyelids? This is because the oils and pigment in your skin are altering the eye shadow. You can see the difference eye primers make in this video. Eye primers give you the exact color that you are expecting from your eye shadow.

So, yes primers do make a difference when it comes to your makeup look. =)