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Question: Can I pull off purple lipstick if my skin is ridiculously pale?

Answer: Can you ever!

Bad news first: yes, some shades of purple may not be suited to your porcelain skin tone. As a card carrying member of the Pale Girl Club, I fully understand the frustration of buying a new lipstick in an ever-popular shade, only to find that instead of looking fabulous, it looks kind of…meh.

However, my fair skinned friend, there is also good news. There are a ton of options for you to work the purple trend (without looking like a zombie).

First up, the dark purple lip:

Lorde is going to be one of your best sources of inspiration when looking to pull off the purple lip trend. She’s got great, porcelain skin, and she can wear a purple lip like it’s nobody’s business. Note that when she wears the extra dark shade of purple, she keeps the rest of her makeup very natural. Her brows are well defined and she’s accentuated her eyes in a really subtle way. She also adds a little bit of shimmer to her face, which keeps her look very chic and feminine, instead of dark and Addams Family-ish (at least, it would be if she wasn’t wearing that collar).

Next, let’s look at that second purple lip she’s wearing: the feminine, bright purple shade.

The trick to pulling this one off is similar to the first look, but note that Lorde added a few extra feminine touches, like her dramatic black cat eye. Fashion-wise, this lip color pairs well with a floral pastel sundress. Embrace color when wearing the purple lip: you want it to look bold and intentional.

Oh, and if you’re not ready to go full-on purple (but still want a violet-hued effect), try the berry lip:

Emma Watson wears this lip beautifully, and keeps with Lorde’s rules of wearing a statement lip color. Her skin is natural and glowing, and the rest of her makeup is very subtle. Notice that she also keeps her hair and jewelry soft and romantic, so that it doesn’t overwhelm her look. Berry colored lips are perfect for fair skin with peach and warm undertones—just swipe some rose toned blush onto the apples of your cheeks and you’re set.

So go forth, pale girls of the world, and rock the purple lip!

Purple lipstick love:


What are your favorite ways to wear statement lip colors? Share them in the comments!