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Question: What should I wear on a rainy day?


I am originally a tropical country girl — and even though circumstances have torn me and my origin asunder, living in a tropical country more than half of my existence has made me come to grips with a great deal of do’s and don’t’s when dressing up for rainy days.

Without further ado, here are my tips on what to wear on a rainy day:

I. Tossing Denim Jeans – Yay or Nay?

During the full swing of winter and rainy seasons, fabrics like wool, flannel and leather hogged the limelight. That’s a no-brainer no one wants to be wearing a sheer maxi dress amid the blustery and rainy weather, duh! And how we wish. However, all is not lost: you don’t have to toss every single piece from your fall wardrobe; some pieces – like the denim jean – can make the downpour just as chic as leather leggings!

Invest in nude or neutral-colored coats. Coats, albeit designed for winter season, can be very versatile if chosen meticulously. Choose the material and color that can go not only with any shade of denim, but also with a variety of bottoms like leg warmers, leather leggings, knit pants and many more.


In this set, I paired the polka-dotted nude trench coat with a pair of gray denim jeans for a relaxed look. You can opt to intensify the palette with dark bottoms and accessories as well.

Here’s how celebrities nailed it:

II. Monochromatic Ensemble

Less is more, but only when there’s a pop of color. Be the sun and brighten up the season with a single pop of color in your look  be it the blue Birkin, the fringed scarf or simply the umbrella like how J Law owned it. This is where you can make use of your bright and bold accessories from your wardrobe.

III. Long Coat Don’t Care

You can’t go wrong with the feminine silhouette of long coats. However, the downside is that you can’t wear this as often as you may like to. See: Practicality 101. All jokes aside, though, no fashionista would wear the same thing over and over again unless it can be styled in such a way that no one would even take notice that it’s actually the same garment you wore yesterday (or is just me?). And as far as long coats are concerned, they don’t necessitate much styling. Long coats speak for themselves. So, if the need for wearing long coats still prevails  despite the saddening truth  you can maximize it by choosing  bold colors or textures.

IV.  Fur and Away

Even though Rachel Lynch from I Hate Blonde wears fur with a monokini, it’s still best to awaken the sole purpose of their existence: combating freezing weather. With a fur coat, you can play with textures similar to how Olivia Palermo has worn fur with a black textured zipper top and leather pants.


V.  Leave your inner Cinderella behind

I know, I understand the feeling of class that your high heels may give you, but may I say that it’s about time to leave the Cinderella shoes behind before your left toe is found on the misty floor? Choose the kind of shoe that screams “fashion meets function.” Opt for ankle booties, sneakers, weatherproof knee-high boots or rain boots!

Do you have any rainy day fashion tips to add? Share with us!