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Question: What is the best makeup for natural redheads?

Answer: While I may not be a natural redhead, I do have red hair and the struggle is so real. You know that radiant orchid lip trend going on right now? That awesome look clashes with my red hair. There is hope, however! Here are some of my favorite makeup tips for all you redheads out there!


First and foremost, it’s important to find your undertone. Many redheads have a cool, pink undertone to their skin. Cool tones usually work better because warm, yellow undertones can make hair look orange or unflattering. If you are slightly on the warmer side, try to lean toward more neutral undertones. If you have an incredibly warm undertone, it probably already works well with your shade of red hair, so go ahead and rock the warmth. When considering a blush, however, warmer is usually better. Just because you have red hair doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt a pretty coral. The blush just needs to be slightly more orange or more brown than usual. My favorite coral blush is e.l.f. Studio blush in Candid Coral. This has an incredibly neutral undertone, so it looks flattering on everyone. Stay away from cool toned pinks unless you’re very fair.


Eyes are fairly easy to work with when you’re a redhead. Shy away from that pink trend that’s going on right now and opt for a wash of green instead. A pop of green is still super popular, but it won’t clash with your hair.


Finding a good lipstick color is crazy difficult if you have red hair. Everything is too pink and looks unflattering. Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! When looking at nudes, don’t be afraid of pinky nudes. Remember, nude lipstick is all about skin and less about hair. If you want something very nude, try NYX Butter lipstick in Sugar Wafer. For something more brown, Rimmel London Moisture Renew in Nude Delight is a classic pick. Or, stick with your natural lip color and top it off with some nude gloss like Urban Decay Naked gloss in Rule. When it comes to corals, orange undertones are better. My favorite coral is MAC Coral Bliss. It’s the perfect balance of pink and orange and doesn’t clash with my hair. MAC is also a fantastic place to get lipsticks because you can try them on your lips rather than just slathering them on your hand to see how they look. Because they’ve dealt with every hair color you can dream of, the specialists in these stores are extremely helpful. Finally, try something in a true red. Orange-reds can make hair look too warm while pink-reds can clash. Aim right in the middle and you’ll find a red that suits you. Also, remember that red lipstick depends more on your skin tone and less on your hair color.

There is makeup that works with red hair, I promise! Do you have any other tried-and-true products that rock with red hair?