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Have you ever opened the doors of your closet and found that your wardrobe leaves you…uninspired? I know I have more often then I care to admit. Chances are, you still like the clothes that you have, you just need to spice ’em up a little bit. Thankfully, fall is right around the corner, and the dawn of a new season is the perfect time to remix your wardrobe.

Remix your wardrobe

To reboot your wardrobe, get rid of ill-fitting items that are beyond alteration, as well as any pieces you have not worn in the past year. This will ensure that everything you own is wearable and fair game for outfit assembling.

After your clean out, take a look at what is left. I recommend putting together a few outfits that you already know and love, and snapping photos of them with your phone. By doing this, you will always have at least a couple chic ensembles on hand whenever you are in a pinch. Proceed to take inventory. Make note of what it is you have. This way, you will have a better idea of what is missing and what you want to buy.

Now for the really fun part! Hit the stores. If your goal is to revitalize your wardrobe, buy a few vibrant versions of classics. Try a tailored button-down in a fun print, or a ladylike A-line dress with funky detailing. After you do this, be sure to pick up a few trendier pieces. These are best bought at fast fashion retailers, such as Zara or H&M. These of-the-moment items can add a twist to your wardrobe.

Last but not least, have fun with this process! Whatever you do, do not allow revamping your closet to become stressful. The second fashion isn’t fun anymore, walk away for a few days. Come back to it at another time. You’ll find you get your best wardrobe work done when you’re in a positive mood.

How do you spice up your wardrobe?