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How can I get rid of facial hair?

Answer: Alright ladies, this is one of those topics that no one really wants to address, but if it’s a problem for you—it needs to be researched. Facial hair can be embarrassing and tends to sneak up at the worst of times, but it can be taken care of, so you can bid that (dare I say) mustache adieu.

We’re often told in our teen years never to shave our facial hair because it could grow back thicker (eek!). However, there isn’t actual scientific evidence that this is the case. Some researchers do believe this theory to be true, while others believe hormones play a larger factor in the coarseness of hair. In any event, methods such as waxing and threading get down to the root, causing the hair to take longer to grow back in. If you really want to keep those puppies away for a longer period of time, vouch for the wax or thread, but proceed with caution as these methods can sometimes really hurt!

We all know the tried-and-true method of using tweezers, a classic and handy tool. To improve accuracy, get a magnifying mirror and pluck any unwanted hairs.

DIY gal? You can whip up your own homemade wax by combining a tablespoon of sugar, a drop of honey, and just a squeeze of lemon juice. Heat the mixture in microwave for 2-3 minutes. Just like a store-bought wax, place warm wax (keyword is warm: don’t burn yourself!) on your upper lip and place a strip of cloth over it. Rip the strip off in the direction opposite of the hair growth and voilà! This sugar mix is all-natural and fabulous.

Lastly, for a more permanent method, you can always look into laser treatments. This can be costly and may seem a bit scary, but if your upper lip hair is becoming a problem and really killing your confidence, laser may be something worth considering.

Facial hair is the last thing any woman wants to deal with, so try some of these methods and send that fuzz packing!