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Can I hide rosacea with makeup?

Answer: Yes!

So, my Dad has had rosacea ever since I can remember, and claims that lying out in the sun and getting a tan will hide it—so false! For those of you who don’t know, rosacea is a condition where the blood vessels in the face enlarge, giving off a rosy appearance. Hence, it’s important to take care of your skin (as opposed to baking in the sun), which could lead to further damage (silly dad). Thankfully for us ladies, there are several great makeup products out there to help diminish redness.

Before jumping right to the makeup tips, be sure to use the right skincare products to ensure that your skin is properly prepped. Use cleansers and lotions that are natural and fragrance-free to avoid irritation. Consider breaking out the aloe vera to soothe skin, and check out Clinique’s Redness Solution Cream.

Now, for the makeup:

Look for full-coverage foundations to hide any redness. Apply with a brush, using light pressure when buffing (to avoid skin irritation).

Next, grab a full-coverage concealer to touch up any areas that the foundation may not have covered thoroughly, like nose and chin. Dab on lightly using a small brush. If you have oily skin, dust on a bit of setting powder to ward off shine.

Be very careful when using blush; even though it may be tempting to blush-away to finish off the look, because your skin undertone is red, blush may actually undo all of your hard work.

The same goes for lip color: avoid orange-red or bright pink makeup products, as this will only draw attention to your pink undertones. Instead, vouch for nude or peach shades for a hint of sheen. When rocking a red lip, stick with blue-toned lipstick—it’ll complement your skin in the best way.