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Unfortunately, not all of us can have a closet like that of Carrie Bradshaw. Although that is the dream, most of us do not have an aisle of clothes and shoes neatly tucked away in the crevices of our marble/wood showcase of a closet complete with lights and mirrors all-around.

Instead, we pile storage boxes full of clothing we haven’t worn in years on top of storage boxes overflowing with even more useless junk, and cram old shoe boxes underneath the bed in hopes of more space in the long run

But there is an alternative to crossing our fingers for an inch or two more of clean space in our bedrooms, and that alternative is online consignment shops. You can buy, sell and swap your clothing online with a few simple clicks and a few pic uploads.

Here are five awesome sites that make selling your clothes online an absolute breeze:

  1. SnobSwap

At SnobSwap, you can buy sell or trade your high-end clothing. Just clean out your closet and choose the items you want to swap or sell, or send in your clothes to the Closet Concierge, and they will take care of listing your items for you!  But if you’d rather sell or swap your clothes yourself, just take photos of the items and then list them for swapping or selling. To find out more about how it works, click here.

  1. ThredUP

Using ThredUP is super easy: just fill up the bag they send you and take it to the post office, and ThredUP takes it from there. This convenience comes at a cost, though, so sellers take a lower cut — but it’s perfect for the busy working girl.

  1. Vaunte

With Vaunte, you can sell directly to other site members and name your own price while doing so. Find everything from contemporary lines to high-end steals, like Louboutin sandals for just $235!

  1. The RealReal

At The RealReal, you’ll receive 60 percent of the sale price for each item you sell and 70 percent once your items sell $7,500 per year. Consigners can track their item sales online, and the option for free, self-service consignment is also available. The RealReal also authenticates each piece of merchandise before you buy or sell it so you know that everything you’re getting and selling is top of the line.

  1. ASOS Marketplace

If vintage clothing is more your style, open a boutique at the ASOS Marketplace. Boutiques cost a small monthly fee, and you will have to pay a 20 percent commission but you’ll be able to sell alongside several other awesome vintage clothing boutiques. ASOS just asks that you keep 15 items stocked at all times; however, you are allowed to list as many items as you’d like.