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Question: How can a sequin outfit be toned down?

Answer: I’m such a fan of sequins! Especially on special occasions like New Years Eve or for just going out at night! However, it can be a bit tricky to pull off a sequin outfit (being that it is so flashy), but here are some tips on how you can pull it off:

Tip #1: Own it! It’s kind of impossible to totally tone down sequins. Just make sure that you feel on top of your game that night, because you want to feel your best (obviously!). Do something that gives you confidence before throwing on some sequins—pair it with some red lipstick or go out and get your nails done. Whatever makes you feel your absolute best!

Tip #2: Make sure that the sequin piece is your statement item; don’t pair it with anything else flashy. Wear it with other basic items like a black trouser or a cream top. Also, keep the other colors of your outfit neutral. Don’t style it with teal or yellow—pair it with cream, black or grey.

Tip #3: Work your way up to wearing sequins. If you think about it, it’s like a bright lipstick. If you aren’t used to wearing lipstick, you wouldn’t just throw on a coral lip. Instead, you would slowly work your way up with some tinted gloss first. Same goes for sequins—if you’re eyeing a sequin blazer but don’t feel comfortable wearing it, buy a sequins clutch and rock that until you feel comfortable enough to rock a sequined blazer. Outfits always look best when paired with confidence!

Tip #4: My last tip to make sequins look less flashy is to pair it with more casual items. It you have a sequined top, throw on some distressed boyfriend jeans and booties. If you have sequined pants, style them with a loose sweater or t-shirt. The more simple the other items are, the more toned down your look will be!

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