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Question: What outfits will make my body look more curvy?

Answer: So, you want to look more curvy? Luckily, it has been a constant goal in the history of femininity to achieve an iconic hourglass shape. Several pieces, from the petticoat to the water bra, have been created to make this possible for women of every size, but if you would like pieces that are a bit more modern than that ruffled skirt — and less scary than that water brassiere, try these other power players in curve creation.

Be body conscious.  In case you didn’t already know, your body is worth showing off. Wear snug fabrics that conform to your natural silhouette, and invest in a body-conscious dress, which has been virtually concocting curves since its conception.

Go matchy matchy. Want to try out a new fashion fad? Go for two pieces with a matching print or color. Whether it be a crop top and a pencil skirt or a long sleeve shirt and shorts, the sliver of skin shown at the midriff highlights your bottom and bust.

Embrace the high waist. Tuck a shirt into your high-waisted jeans, skirt, or shorts — and you have an instant hourglass shape.

Wear a skirt you can twirl in. A-line skirts cinch at the waist and create the illusion of a fuller bottom, not to mention the A-line shape is a romantic and classic piece to add to add to your closet.

Belt it Out. The oldest style trick in the book used to create curves: Pair a middle to wide size belt with a blouse and skirt or a opt for a  t-shirt dress with a built in belt, and voila! Instant hourglass.