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Question: I’m looking for shoes for fall; any ideas?


I have a love/hate relationship with shoe shopping. All I know is that I’m loving booties for the upcoming fall season. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, essentially booties are just ankle boots. I see so many YouTubers and bloggers wearing this trend, and think that we should all think about snagging ourselves a pair very soon. If you’re looking for a stylish ankle bootie, check out something like this one:

If you want a more laid-back, casual bootie  vouch for this:

So let’s say you’re not really an ankle boot kind of girl. Well, I have a solution for that: more shoes! You can never go wrong with a good pair of tennis shoes, and these ones are my favorite (I have a pair):

I’m really partial to American Apparel because I’m American and it’s all manufactured in the USA. I also work as a Sales Associate there. There products are quality and their shoes are the best! American Apparel offers a wide variety of shoes. I’m also liking these for fall, if you’re into the vintage look:

Whatever style you prefer, don’t forget to think simple. Fall isn’t about bright colors; it’s about being comfy and getting ready for winter. Before you buy a pair of shoes, think: “Is this practical for fall? Will I be able to go to the corn maze in these, or walk around town on a brisk night with these on my feet?”. Also think about whether or not you can use them in the wintertime as well. If you can occasionally wear them on a snowy day, then you’ve found a great pair of cute shoes!

Think warm, think comfort but keep in mind that style never needs to be sacrificed.