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Question: What are some good shorts for thick thighs?

Answer: First of all, definitely embrace all of your assets! Marilyn Monroe had thick thighs and love handles, and she goes down in history as one of the most beautiful women of all-time!

But trust me, as a woman who is a size eight with 41-inch hips, I completely understand how it feels to have body parts that don’t cooperate with certain types of clothing; and shorts are one of those things that don’t always work for me, either. The leg openings are sometimes too tight, while other times the seat of the shorts is stretched to the point where I can’t even bend over.

Thankfully, there is a saving grace for us girls with a curvier bottom half.

I just love shorts with embellishments like these. They look fantastic on girls with bigger thighs and, in my opinion, are cuter than plain blue jean shorts by a mile. The wide leg openings make them very comfortable, and the embellishments actually pull the attention away from the thighs. These shorts are also a great length; not awkwardly long, and definitely not too short.

My personal favorites are the blue shorts. The soft, draped material make them super comfy for day-to-day activities, and the two-tier accent on the front really dresses them. Not to mention the vibrant blue hue is gorgeous and perfect for summer.

The other two pairs are cotton, and thus much less restrictive (your legs will thank you). They both have decorative hems that add some interest to an otherwise plain pair of shorts.

All in all, when choosing shorts for thick thighs, go for a pair of non-denim shorts that are a conservative length. Shorts with cute hemlines or flounces aren’t bad ideas, either!