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Question: How can I simplify my skincare routine?

Answer: As much as I love skincare, it’s easy to accumulate more than is really necessary. I went on vacation to Miami recently and wanted to streamline my skincare. Especially when traveling, it’s nice to have a few key products that will simplify your life a little.

Having a small skincare kit that you can take with you on weekend trips not only saves space—it also makes your life a whole lot easier. Not to mention, the added benefit of not letting everyone know that you’re a secret skincare hoarder.

The first step in simplifying your skincare routine is finding products that are multi-purpose. My favorite (no surprise here) is coconut oil. I like to transfer coconut oil into a small travel tub with a lid. All you need is the tiniest amount to remove all your makeup, even eye makeup. I like to have a washcloth on hand to wipe away all grime.

Next, skip the toners and treatments, and use a moisturizer that combines all your skin issues in one. Keep in mind that if you don’t have any skin issues, then keep it as simple as possible and just use a moisturizing night cream.

If you want something with an added boost, look for night creams that contain Hyaluronic Acid or natural fruit enzymes that will exfoliate the skin. On days where my skin looks and feels great, I use an organic oil combination that contains rose hip oil.

For the morning, all you need is an SPF and a moisturizer. I like to use a moisturizer that doubles as a makeup primer—meaning it makes the skin smooth and seems to make any product you put on after it look amazing and natural. I recently got a sample of Ole Henricksen’s Sheer Transformation and I’ve been rationing the tiny tub like a crazy person. It does wonders on the skin.

If you want the added luxury of a face mist, try Caudelie Beauty Elixir. Or simply make your own by putting the essential oils of your choice in a spray bottle mixed with purified water. There’s something about spraying mist on your face in the morning that really makes you feel like you’re in a spa, don’t you think?

So there you have it, 4 essential products that will make your life a lot easier and your travel kit a lot smaller!