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Question: What should I wear to a Skrillex concert?


Can I just say that I am absolutely a huge fan of Skrillex?! My top favorites songs are Rock n’ Roll, Bangarang, and First Of The Equinox. You are absolutely lucky to go to a Skrillex concert. I hope you have a great time and take a lot of pictures or videos. With that being said, I created the perfect Skrillex concert idea that I believe you will like, as well as fit perfectly for his concert, or any techno/EDM/house music concert.

Skrillex is all about the music. They creates beats to visualize yourself in the songs. For this kind of concert, you need to build your outfit around a musical/techno theme. You also need to incorporate comfort in your outfit. Remember that comfort is more important when it comes to attending any show. You don’t want to spend all night feeling uncomfortable, tangled in your own outfit.



Consider wearing a music theme T-shirt, or one of Skrillex’s official t-shirts to show your support. You will feel comfortable, show your support for the music, and show your support for Skrillex.


Wear distressed denim jeans or shorts. Overall shorts are making a huge comeback. They are the perfect alternative for basic denim shorts.


Definitely wear sneakers or any shoe with a flat sole, as you will be dancing, jumping, and walking. You will be saving your feet a great deal of pain. I have seen some women wear 6 inch heels to a rock or techno concert, and walk around the venue in pain. Do not be one of those women: save your feet! I personally prefer knee-high boots or sneakers. They complement the outfit very well plus, you’ll feel like a rockstar.


I love accessories; they’re the finishing touch to any outfit! Your accessories should be minimal, as well as practical. A cross-body bag is definitely a must. You must keep your personal belongings close, especially if you are going to attend a concert in a huge venue. A digital watch, music wrist bands, earrings, and a necklace are great additions to pull your outfit together. Remember to keep it minimal, functional, and music-themed.

 Remember to have fun, be safe, and rock out!