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Question: What outfit should I wear to a sports game?

Answer: It’s the season for sporting events! With the Stanley Cup Playoffs, NBA Playoffs and ongoing baseball games, it’s a great time to perfect a sporty-chic look. This look is all about functionality; when you’re on your feet all day and constantly talking, eating and drinking, it’s important to make sure your outfit is comfortable, appropriate and weather-ready.

Let’s start from the bottom up; when you’re on your feet at a game, you need to be comfortable! A great way to ensure total comfort is by investing in a cute pair of sneakers. If you haven’t noticed, sportswear is having a serious moment in fashion right now, and it’s easier than ever to find trendy sneakers. New Balance, Converse All Stars and Keds are just a few comfy options with many cute styles.

Vouch for some cute shorts or jeans. Since it’s practically summer, cutoff jean shorts are stylish, comfortable and casual. You can find cute shorts at almost any women’s retailer this time of year, so it won’t be hard to find the perfect pair in your price range. But if you’re in a cold venue watching hockey, jeans are a no-brainer! A big part of sportswear is comfort, so make sure you’re staying warm in the cold, and vice versa.

I think that jerseys and t-shirts are the exciting part of game attire. As a Chicago girl and sports fanatic, I have so much fun picking out jerseys for my favorite teams. And if you don’t want to spend too much money for a sports jersey, a simple t-shirt in your favorite team’s color will be just fine. Word to the wise: Victoria’s Secret PINK has a bunch of great casual sportswear shirts for teams across the country, so you’re guaranteed to find a shirt that you’ll love.

Stick with a few basic accessories to play up your look. Try to keep your outfit simple with understated accessories while still being yourself. For example, you don’t want to wear any over-the-top accessories like chandelier earrings or long necklaces because it may clash with the casual theme of your game. Simple earring studs, bangles or a bauble necklace is plenty to jazz up your ensemble. If you’re outside, you can use the weather to your advantage. Aside from jewelry, if you’re expecting warm weather, you can use your upcoming game as an excuse to invest in a cute baseball cap, chic sunglasses and lastly, a headband to keep your hair in place. Game on!