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How can I straighten curly hair?

Answer: If you have curly hair, don’t be ashamed of embracing your spiraled locks! After all, girls with straight hair often use several methods of curling to get what you were born with! On the flip side, curly-haired ladies do like to sport a straight look from time to time, so here are some tips to help achieve a straight look for naturally curly hair:

First, you’ll need some tools to help achieve those straight tresses. While flat irons are a good method, sometimes you may still have areas of wave that didn’t completely straighten out. To avoid this, blow out your hair.

For a fab at-home blowout:

1. Towel dry your hair so that it’s damp, rather than soaking wet. Next, section off your hair and clip it out of the way so that the bottom third of your hair is left unclipped. Spray this section with heat protector.

2. Grab a medium-sized ceramic round brush and begin blowing out your hair on a warm temperature setting (or hot if your hair is fairly curly— if this is the case, be sure to use more heat protecting spray to ensure you’re not frying your hair!). It’s best to use the concentrator nozzle attachment on your hair dryer — this way, the air coming out can assist the section you’re working on (and won’t blow all over the place).

3. Keep running the hairbrush through your hair while blow drying in a downward direction until your hair is at its desired straightness. When you’re done, change the heat setting on your hair dryer to cool and blow out that same section again. It’ll keep your locks shiny and beautiful. Repeat these steps with the next section of your hair, clipping the top up and out of the way. After that, blow out the top section.

4. When you’re done blowing out all of your hair, rub some Moroccan oil on the palms of your hair and run your hands through for some extra shine.

If you do have success straightening with a flat iron, make sure to use a heat protector on your hair to avoid split ends and damage. Don’t be afraid to make a good investment in a high-quality flat iron like a CHI. A cheapie straightener from the drugstore won’t get nearly as hot or straighten as evenly as a professional quality tool. It may hurt your wallet at first, but trust me: it will pay for itself, and you’ll get years of lovely styles out of it.

Happy straightening!