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As temperatures drop, pants and scarves will soon replace shorts and dresses. When you’re not in the mood for jeans, leggings are a great alternative that provide warmth and comfort in the cooler weather. But just because summer is ending, doesn’t mean you have to quit color completely.

Colorful leggings are versatile pieces for any wardrobe. They’re easy to throw on when you want to stay comfortable, yet look stylish. Plus, they’re usually affordable. Some ways to style colorful leggings include pairing them with a solid top, with prints, or with a simple tunic or dress. Here are some more ways to style colorful leggings: 

With solid tops

If you’re hesitant towards bold colors, style colorful leggings with a cream colored sweater for a casual, go-to outfit. This simple style makes the color of the leggings pop and keeps your outfit balanced. Opt for leggings in a basic color like navy or burgundy, and match them with a white or cream top. If your legging of choice comes in a really bold print like tie-dye, pair them with a simple black blouse so that the pants remain the focal point of your look.

With prints

The great thing about leggings in a solid color is that you can add some flair with your choice of tops. Try out an Aztec or tribal printed blouse to add dimension to your outfit. Or, pull some of the color from the leggings and coordinate it into the top so that your pieces complement each other. This can help balance out the outfit’s bold features, especially if you’re rocking leggings in a bright color.

With a tunic or dress

Dresses and tunics are a fab option for a night-on-the-town outfit. Neutral shades or dark metallic colors tend to go well with colorful leggings, so you can probably create a killer look with what you already have in your closet. This fall, try out a mustard colored legging with a dark teal dress for a chic color combo. Or, wear a bright pair underneath a cocktail dress, just as you would with tights.

Try leggings in place of your usual jeans and see how creative you can get with them. Whether you keep them simple with a plain blouse, or dress them up with cocktail attire, be sure to have fun with leggings and your look!

How do you style colorful leggings?