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There are so many ways to rock a leather jacket. Initially, you might think a leather jacket screams biker chick. It’s so much more versatile than that! You can dress it up or down, or even wear it to work. It’s a great piece to have in your wardrobe to change up your outfits. You could wear each of these outfits with an oversized knit cardigan or a leather jacket. Mix it up.

You can find a leather (or faux leather) jacket in just about any color and cut. Pick the one that best suits your style. Often, a leather jacket can be a hefty investment. For me, it’s faux all the way. I’m a cow lover. I chose the cheapest and most basic black jacket below (by Doubljou) to use for my outfit samples, but any of these finds will do just fine. When choosing a jacket, look for the extra little details that make it a statement piece. I love the pointed shoulders on the Doubljou. It’s fitted and feminine, but that little detail gives some edge.



This casual chic ensemble is the first look that comes to mind when I think leather jacket. I’m a fan of a comfy graphic tee and destroyed skinny jeans. Keep the outfit chic with a pair of peep-toe pumps, or throw on an old pair of converse for laid back comfort.



I love the glisten of a leather jacket thrown over a cocktail dress. Here the same jacket hits the town for girls night, paired with a fab tribal sequin dress and strappy gold heels.




Although tremendously unconventional, the right leather jacket is totally doable for work. This one may not be the optimal choice with all of the zippers, but you can see where I’m going with the idea. To make the look cohesive, choose a pair of loafers and a bag with a similar material and texture, and stick with a feminine blouse to downplay the roughness of the jacket.



I’ll end with my favorite look. Although I’m drawn to graphic tees and skinny jeans, it’s the soft ruffles and pretty details that always win my heart. Pastel colors in earthy tones give a romantic essence to this girly look. The linen and crochet fabrics are the perfect juxtaposition to the leather.

Which look would you wear?