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If you had to pair a silver gladiator shoe with either a yellow peplum dress or a midriff blouse and ombre shorts, I’d suggest the former. If you had to pair a red dress shirt with either a purple tie or a black tie, I’d suggest the latter. Why? Style is a matter of mixing and matching different colors and styles together in order to create a cohesive look. Let your creativity run wild, but be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, you might go from fashionista, to a fashion disaster.

Here are some of my favorite style tips to help you have fun with fashion:

1. Trend? What trend? 

When playing with your style, don’t only consider the hot fashion trends of the moment. Don’t wear a certain dress just because it’s the latest trend. Also, factor in your personal taste and your unique physique. It’s really important to dress in styles that flatter your body shape. You wouldn’t want to wear something that highlights areas like muscular shoulders or legs if those are the areas you want to hide. It’s uncalled for. It’s crucial to make your physique the main consideration.

2. Creativity is Personality

Fashion is flaunting your personality to the public. Fashion is art. If you want to look comfortable and chic, wear jeans, a loose shirt, and a cap or accessories. If you want to look girly, wear items that complement one another. Tuck a light neon blouse into a high waist skirt and throw on some matching heels. Don’t forget to put your hair up into an elegant bun and add some accessories to your look. These are essential. Whatever look you want to rock, just make sure it embodies your personal style and personality. There’s no way to go wrong with fashion if you do that!

3. You Don’t Need BRANDS to Look GRAND 

Chanel? YSL? Dior? Lacoste? Gucci? There is no rule stating that you have to buy expensive brands to look decent, high-end, and classy. Start with pieces that are simple and affordable. Simplicity is elegance, mind you. All you have to do is be creative with what you have, and voila! There are a ton of ways to turn a simple getup into an astounding, “hey-where-did-you-get-that-from?” outfit. It’s just a matter of creativity.

4. Be Unique, Be You

Being unique is one of the beautiful traits we have as humans. It is who we are. There is no one like us in the world. People might have some similarities, but that’s it. We are still different. When there’s a hot, new fashion label out, there’s a big possibility that you and someone else you know will happen to wear the same thing. That’s always awkward, right?. Definitely. Remember, you don’t need to wear trendy clothes. Consider your physique first. And before you even decide to wear a certain outfit, think about this: do you want to walk down the street in the same thing that someone else is wearing? If not, rethink your choice.

5. Self-Edit

Don’t overdress. Don’t over-accessorize. Don’t put on too much perfume. Don’t. Just don’t. Dress appropriately for the occasion. Creativity is one thing, but being too creative is another thing. You are showing the world who YOU are. Do not overexpose your body. The public is not asking for that. Know that there are some limitations when it comes to fashion. Always edit your style.

These are the five tips that have helped me develop my personal style. I don’t consider myself a fashionista, but I know style when I see it!

What are your best style tips?