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The life of a trend in the fashion industry is a roller coaster ride, but it’s possibly my favorite part of the fashion world. Finding new trends, following the trends of the current season, and gladly watching some trends die is all part of the process. Trends change quickly, and it’s hard to keep up. I, for one, can’t keep up with them most of the time. I find trends I love and tend to stick to them. If you’re on the fence about what’s hot and what’s not, here are four style trends that I think are going out of style:

Disclaimer: These opinions are completely my own.

Wedge Sneakers

I was never a fan of these. I don’t understand why sneakers have to look fashionable if they’re for exercise. When I think of sneakers, I think of workouts, marathons, hiking, and other similar activities. I would never think of wearing sneakers out on the town or anything outside of exercise or running errands.


I’m so glad this trend is dying down. I mean, absolutely no offense to those who loved it, but I definitely didn’t understand the trend as a whole. Holograms are for Pokemon cards, not clutches and skirts. Peace out holographic prints, see ya never!


I’m still sticking with this trend. I don’t care if it’s going out of style, I’m a girl that needs the illusion of a peplum to add a bit of curve at the waist!

Cross print

This trend was HUGE because of the ’90s-grunge fall trend, which was insanely popular last season. I wouldn’t be surprised if grunge was still just as popular this fall as well, but I’m here to report that crosses won’t be making as big of an appearance this time around!

Some trends become timeless, but others just need to go. What trends will you ditch this season?