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Question: How do you style waist belts?


Belts are great accessories. There’s really no right or wrong way to style a belt. The styling just depends on the individual and the outfit. What works for some might not work for all. Pulling together the perfect outfit is all about knowing your body and what looks good on you. Sometimes finding your go-to look just comes trial and error. Let’s face itmost of us have a selection of belts simply because some garments are sold with them. But belts are so much more than that! They can make a big impact on your outfit. Plus, they’re stylish and can solve certain wardrobe woes like fitting issues. Belts are also forgiving because they create waistlines and hide imperfections.

Here are some things to consider when adding a waist belt to your outfit:

Positioning. There’s nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box. For example, you don’t have to string a belt through its loops. Also, a belt doesn’t have to fit exactly at your waistline. You can place it high for an empire waist look, or you can place it low on your hips. In the colder months, wrap a belt around a winter coat.

Width. Belt sizes range from shoe strings to broad bands. A belt’s width determines its position. Wider elasticized belts are better for the midriff area. You can wear narrow belts at a higher or lower position.

Contrast. Accessories are great, but you want to make sure they blend in with your outfit. Adding a little extra something isn’t always necessary.

Adding Layers. Belts are great with layers such as jackets or cardigans. They also add dimension to your outfit.

Comfort. So you found the perfect belt for your outfit and now you’re wondering how to wear it all day. Fearful of your midriff peeking out when you sit? The trick to wearing belts is to simply adjust the belt to a longer notch than normal, or to purchase belts that are forgiving with some stretch.

Stylish belt looks

How do you style your waist belt?