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We still have month and a half until it’s finally time to post “Hello fall!” pictures to Instagram. It’s time to start planning for the brisk weather. But that doesn’t mean we have to get rid of our favorite summer outfits just yet. Here are some ways to transition your favorite warm weather staples for fall.

Crop Tops

Let’s all just go ahead and admit that we’re not ready to part with our beloved crop tops and pom pom shorts.To give some fall-friendly style to your summer-ready crop tops, throw on a layer over top of it, like a cardigan or a denim jacket. A flannel can do the trick too. Untie that plaid top from your waist and throw it over your shoulders. High-waisted bottoms also provide tummy coverage to keep your midriff warm.

Shorts & Skirts

If you still want to wear shorts and skirts in the fall, just know that tights and socks are your BFFs. Whether you opt for sheer, opaque, or textured tights, the extra bit of fabric will protect your legs from the chilly weather. Socks can do the same. Plus, they come in knee and thigh lengths, so you can cover as much or as little as you want.

Dresses & Rompers

Throw tights or socks on to style dresses and rompers for the cooler months ahead. Add a sweater to your look and go from summer to fall in two seconds flat! Cropped sweaters look really adorable over A-line dresses. Bonus points if the dress or romper has a cute collar that can be pulled through the sweater.

There’s no need to ditch your favorite summer duds for fall. Style your outfits appropriately and rock a transitional look!

What’s your favorite outfit?