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What are the top swimsuit trends for summer 2014?
Answer: The weather is warming up and beach season is right around the corner — but navigating a sea of swimsuits to find the perfect one can be a total pain. From bikinis to one piece suits, there are definitely a huge number of worthy options on the market. Crochet, coral and mesh suits are some of the more noticeable trends for summer; and between the three, there’s something out there for everyone. Another unique trend for this year? High-waisted bikini bottoms. You know what they say: don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Read on to find out how you can rock some new styles under the sun this summer:


Everyone from Victoria’s Secret supermodels to festival goers at Coachella seems to be rocking the crochet bathing suit trend this year, and it’s no mystery why. Crochet detailing is super delicate, feminine, and looks flattering on all body types — so there’s no excuse not to get in on this trend. Crochet suits in soft colors look great on fair-skinned girls, while neutrals are perfect for showing off a tan. You can find crochet bathing suits almost anywhere, and they’re ultra comfortable, too!


Similar to the crochet trend, mesh swim suits are super flattering on a wide range of body types. On the one hand, they are a bit edgier and might not be suitable for girls who have a softer sense of style. On the other, if you like experimenting with your style, it might be worth checking out and playing around with this interesting trend.


For summer 2014, the color scheme of the season is coral, coral, and more coral! In past seasons, neons and florals have been a major focus, but this year sunset reds, oranges, and bright pinks are all the rage. The deeper reds and pinks are especially complementary to warm to medium skin tones, and orange goes well with deeper skin tones. But don’t be afraid to rock a coral suit that’s a bit outside of your comfort zone; if you like it, wear it!

High-waisted bottoms

If you prefer to leave a bit more to the imagination, you can always opt for a pair of high-waisted bikini bottoms. Playing off of the high-waisted shorts trend, this look is perfect for hiding any imperfections you might be self conscious about — and it’s undeniably beautiful and classic.