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Cateye Tips for Beginners

I am a cateye noob. I attempted to try this look on many occasions, and it never works out. The wing is either too high, too low, raccoon eyes, or every small t...

Top 6 Beauty Hacks

Beauty is filled with new experiments and techniques to help make life easier, or simply advance your makeup artistry skills. New trends are emerging everyday. ...
cream contour

How to Cream, Highlight, and Contour

Let's talk a little contour and highlight, shall we? I know a lot of people, (including myself) who are afraid to tackle this step in their makeup routine but t...

When and How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are every girl's weapon to perfection. I have seen many beauty bloggers conflicted about this specific matter,and since this was a personal quest...
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Makeup for Green Eyes

  We always want our eyes to pop with our makeup! It guarantees that we don't look too washed out. With green eyes, you definitely want to choose makeup...
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How to Get a Makeup Counter Job

Getting a makeup counter job is a great part time job if you can snag it, since free makeup giveaways and discounted products are perks you can look forward to ...
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How can I achieve a minimal makeup look?

Question: How can I achieve a minimal makeup look? Answer: Want to look naturally put together without looking like you've just stepped out of an ad for Photo...
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How do I go from a day to night look?

Question: How do I go from a day to night look? Answer: Going out for the  night, ladies? The transition between a day to night look one isn’t as hard as you...
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The Best Products for Face Highlighting

To beautify your look, one of the most eagerly sought-after products is the highlighter. When used for contouring, highlighting can help brighten your entire fa...