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Question: How can I get rid of these tan lines on my legs and arms?

Answer: Tanning lotion, my dear, does wonders! A good tan truly goes a long way. Many people have the misconception that all tanning lotions turn you orange. That is simply untrue. Don’t get me wrong. Many tanning lotions do turn you orange. But there are also many that do not. Choosing the right tanning lotion is everything! It takes deep digging to find the perfect tanning lotion. But lucky you! I am a tanning lotion junkie and have tested many products. Here are my two favorites that I use all the time. And best of all, they are not too pricey. You can use a daily lotion, such as Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer, which I would highly recommend. It gives a great natural glow. Apply it daily to the area of your leg that’s been shying away from the sun. Once that area begins to develop color, start applying to the whole leg so that the color matches. Use this Jergen’s moisturizer like you would apply any moisturizer.
Make sure you do not miss any spots, however. If you do, you may have patches, and no one likes an uneven tan. For more instant color (let’s say you have a special event tomorrow night and want to look perfect), I would recommend ST. TROPEZ Tanning Essentials Self Tan Bronzing Gel. You will see color much faster than Jergen’s, but you also have to be extremely careful to apply sparingly. If you are not careful when applying, the results can be ugly. Don’t forget to use gloves with application!