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Question: What are some tips for wearing flannel & plaid?

Answer: Flannel and plaid can be worn all year round and can be used to create the cutest outfits! There are infinite ways to wear flannel, that you can create at least 5 different outfits with it. Here are a couple of different ways to style your flannel:

1. Layered: To add a cool vibe to your outfit, layer your flannel over a fun top. For a tom-boyish/grunge look, layer the flannel over a graphic tee. For a girlier style, layer the flannel over a top with frill trim—it’ll look lighter and more fun.

2. Tied up: Tie the flannel right up around the waist. For a more dressed down, everyday type of look, pair the flannel with high waisted shorts, jeans, or leggings. Want a girlier, more dressed up look? Pair the flannel with a skater skirt or high-waisted skirt. The options for this style are endless!

3. Under a sweater: For a cute going-to-class look, layer your flannel under a sweater; it makes for a great look for the wintertime. It looks great with skinny jeans or leggings and paired with boots. To highlight the plaid, don’t forget to cuff the plaid over the sweater!

4. Over a dress: To make any look more casual and trendy, wear your flannel open over a long maxi dress. It can be worn at any length or style, so don’t be afraid to mix it up!

5. Around the waist: This is my personal favorite way to wear a flannel, and it’s also really in style right now. Simply tie the flannel around the waist to instantly create a causal, tom-boyish look. For the perfect outfit, style it with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and a crop top.

6. Wrapped around: This style is a little more tricky but is a great substitute for a cardigan. To create this look, simply take each end and wrap it across the inside of your flannel. Once each end meets the back, make a small knot to hold the flannel in this shape.

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