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We’ve all gone through that phase of our lives when we just want to be like one of the boys—at least when it comes to style. But you don’t have to actually be a tomboy to embrace the tomboy trend, as long as you realize that it’s more than just sweatshirts and baggy jeans. In fact, entering tomboy territory can be a bit dangerous if it’s not your usual schtick, because borrowing from the boys can lead you to walk a fine line between sloppy and chic. However, ladies, it’s absolutely possible to still look girly and sexy in laid-back, easy, and carefree pieces without becoming a male carbon copy. I’m here to show you how to get tomboy dressing down to science that’s equal parts cool, feminine, and boyish.

Tomboy Trend Essentials:

– Boyfriend Jeans
– Overalls
– Varsity or Bomber Jackets
Oxford Shirts
– Trousers
– Menswear-Inspired Suits and Tuxedos
– Over-sized Shirts
– Plaid or Flannel Shirts
– Biker or Leather Jackets
– Schoolboy or Loose Cardigans
– Cuffed Denim
Grandpa Sweaters
– V-neck Tees
– Graphic T-shirts
– Hoodies
– Vests
– Masculine Watches
– Sneakers
– Loafers
– Oxfords
– Combat Boots
– Slip-Ons
Brimmed Baseball Caps
– Tousled Hair or Pixie Cuts

Copy-Worthy Combinations Totally Girl-Approved:

  • While boyfriend jeans may be the obvious choice when it comes to the tomboy craze, overalls are a stylish alternative if you’re not comfortable with the slouchy look of boyfriend jeans. Pick a pair of overalls that are slightly fitted throughout the leg to maintain some shape. Then, add a white tee underneath followed by a loose cardigan or sweater that falls below the waist over the entire ensemble. For an even cuter approach, leave your overalls undone with a button-down shirt underneath.
  • Whether you’re wearing a basic tee or white oxford shirt, you can always tie or knot a sweatshirt around your waist for a more relaxed, dressed down look.
  • Nothing screams tomboy more than a leather biker jacket over an unbuttoned flannel or plaid shirt.
  • For an edgy look that’s a bit boyish but still all-girl, try a vest over a dress or a skin-tight mini with combat boots.
  • I personally love a schoolboy cardigan with a pair of low-slung jeans or suspender pants.
  • A hoodie with slouchy or trouser pants is unexpected, yet totally stylish and comfortablethe two things every girl craves.
  • White distressed jeans paired with a band, graphic, or vintage tee add just the right touch of tomboy. Another effortless approach to this masculine style is a varsity jacket layered over a feminine blouse with distressed denim or boyfriend jeans. Or, try a bomber jacket layered over a matching top and skirt combo.
  • A super cool combination is a white button-down shirt with leather shorts and combat boots.
  • My ultimate go-to tomboy weekend look is a fitted sweater over a collared button-down shirt paired with denim cut-offs and loafers or Oxford shoes.

*The key to making all these looks work is to add at least one feminine piece to anchor the outfit and give it some shape and balance.

I know it’s pretty tough to look and feel girly when you’re mimicking the boys. It can be difficult to sub your dresses for lived-in shirts or skinny jeans for worn-in denim. But if you want to be a bit rebellious (and what girl doesn’t) this season and abandon ladylike fashion trends in favor of a boy-meets-girl style, the tomboy craze is the way to go. Girls don’t have to be the only ones having all the fun—tomboys can have in on some of the action, too.

What are your tomboy style tips?