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Question: What are the best toners for oily skin?

Answer: Using a toner is a great way to prep the skin for moisturizer and to give the skin an added boost of nutrients. It’s especially important for oily skin as it can reduce oiliness and leave your skin with a fresh, clean feeling.

But watch out for toners with tons of alcohol in them! Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you should dry it out with alcohol. In fact, doing this will cause the oil glands to produce more oil.

Instead, try a toner that has balancing or exfoliating properties. Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic or Ole Henricksen Grease Relief Tonic are both amazing, natural options. These toners are perfect for the morning after you’ve washed your face to balance the skin and reduce oiliness.

For nighttime, an exfoliating toner will work to keep the skin rejuvenating itself and will help with acne or hyper-pigmentation. It also is important as it preps the skin for the moisturizer. Otherwise your moisturizer is just sitting on top of dead skin cells (yikes!).

Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment toner is perfect for people with acne-prone skin as it has Phytic acid to exfoliate and aloe to soothe. My all-time favorite exfoliating toner that I would recommend to anyone is the REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate.

If you’d prefer to spend less money, try Witch Hazel or Rosewater. These are both amazing natural toners that you can find at a natural food store. Witch Hazel is naturally clarifying and is perfect for oily skin. Rosewater (make sure it’s 100% natural!) is healing and rejuvenating. Not to mention the amazing smell. You can even mix the two together to get the amazing properties of both.

There are tons of great toners out there for oily skin, but my number one tip? Stay away from drugstore toners. For the most part they consist of alcohol, which will not do your skin any favors. Read labels and get toning ladies!

  • anna

    i’ve never tried a toner yet actually, good to know it’s actually worth it

  • heatherambriz775

    My Favorite is Monsia!