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Question: What is the true meaning of beauty?


I love this question. In a world full of fashion and beauty, often times we can forget what beauty really is. Of course, if you asked ten different people to define beauty, I’m sure their answers would all be a bit different. So for now I’ll give you my opinion on the true meaning of beauty.

If you look up true beauty on Urban Dictionary, here’s the first definition they give you: “every person’s face without makeup.” I love that. While I love makeup as much as the next girl, I love girls without makeup even more.

Aside from the no makeup thing, the most beautiful thing to me is being yourself — with confidence. True beauty can be seen with your eyes closed. It’s the confidence and beauty that exudes from who you are. I guess what I’m trying to say here is…what makes you the most beautiful is being you. Your physical appearance will change over time; that can’t be stopped. However, you do have control of who you are as a person. In reality, who you are probably will change a bit over your life, but the great part is that you get decide who you become. Don’t be afraid to be you — no matter how different from the norm that may be. Live your life confident in your beautiful soul and the world will see your beauty from miles away.

How do you define true beauty?