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Question: When do you tuck your shirt in?

Answer: It’s all about the waistline with this! The rule of thumb is: if your skirt/shorts/trousers sit above or on the bellybutton, tuck your shirt in!

The Highwaist

Unlike your dad at his business meetings, in fashion, I would recommend only tucking that top in if you’re teaming it with a high-waisted piece on the bottom.


Whether you’re tucking in a casual tank or button up (as shown above), tucking your shirt into a high waistline emphasizes your waistline and creates a cute hourglass shape.

A simple tuck has the power to make an otherwise casual outfit suitable for a dinner date. It also has some sort of magic power that can fuse a top and bottom garment together, creating a sort of  ‘dress’, as shown in the above left photo.


Fancy stealing your boyfriend’s oversized shirt? These baggy numbers look great tucked into tight fitting trousers, as long as they aren’t low rise. The trick to this one is to do a half tuck: just tuck it in at the front, but leave it loose at the back. This will keep you from looking like you’ve recently appointed Simon Cowell as your stylist.

The half tuck: the perfect halfway between formal and relaxed.

Although I tend to count on the high-waisted tuck in rule, baggy crop tops should never ever be tucked in. Take a look at the picture above; the beauty of it is the juxtaposition between the loose crop top and the tight shorts. The teeny wisp of flesh ensures her waistline still looks amazing.

So, the general rule is:

High waist and longer shirt = Tuck it in!

High waist and crop top = Don’t tuck!

Oversized shirt and tight bottoms = Half tuck!